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A STEAM exclusive game that utilizes your Virtual Reality headset!

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HOW MUCH does it cost?

Heroes of Dire is free to download and play!

There are no time limits or gimmicks!

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Who Created the Virtual Boxing League?

Spellbook is a very small indie game studio located in the Midwestern United States. The development team for VBL is made up of just a few programmers, artists, and sports fans who share a passion for creating fun and challenging online games.

The VBL project began March 2017 and developed quickly into an interactive world of boxing.



What technology is used?

VBL is powered by the Unity3D game engine and Microsoft Azure platform.

Our custom MMO game engine (The Pit), network code, databases, websites, leaderboards, dungeon master tools, and content systems were created in-house by our talented and physically attractive programmers.



Where can I Learn More?

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