Virtual Boxing League is a new virtual reality online multiplayer game where players use real movements to become the champion of the boxing ring by taking on a variety of opponents in a single player environment, fighting in a multiplayer online leader board, mini-games, and tracking your favorite fighters in real time!

Join thousands of players through STEAM in this brand new role-playing experience!



  • Solo Progressive Storyline: Fight through different levels of players with unique stances, techniques, and styles of boxing.
  • MMO Championships: Participate in community contests to see who is the quickest and powerful in the ring.
  • Life Like Ai: Fighting or sparing against our AI in solo mode will give you a feeling of all the action of boxing without the black eye!
  • Virtual Simulated Betting: Have a favorite fighter and wanna show your support? Place a wager on their bouts and cheer them on!
  • Non-VR Companion App: On the go and still getting in on the action will be easy with the companion app. 
    • Track stats and progression of fighters you want to know more about
    • Access betting when the mood strikes
    • Watch a few round in Spectator Mode
  • Exclusive STEAM Game: With the ease and simplicity of using your STEAM account its never been so easy to jump into this unique VR world!


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Fact Sheet

Developer: Spellbook



Social:Kickstarter / Facebook / Twitch Youtube

Release: Nov 2016 (Mobile) March 2017 (Steam)

Platforms: Windows / Mac / Linux / iOS / Android

Price: Free

File Size: 120MB


Spellbook is a small indie game studio located in the Midwestern United States. The development team for VBL is made up of just a few programmers, artists, and sports fans who share a passion for creating fun and challenging online games.

The VBL project began July 2017, developed through out the rest of 2017, had a public beta test January  2018, and opened the first live server February 2018.


VBL is powered by the Unity3D game engine and Microsoft Azure platform.

Our custom MMO game engine (The Pit), network code, databases, websites, leaderboards, dungeon master tools, and content systems were created in-house by our talented and physically attractive programmers.

Company Bio

Spellbook is an independent video game studio located in the Midwestern United States. We specialize in building massively-multiplayer online games for desktop and mobile, and have a passion for the art of game creation.

Our team of artists and developers come from diverse backgrounds, with a healthy mix of newbies and industry veterans, sporting 17 years of experience and 50+ shipped titles. Spellbook's breakout mobile hit The Infinite Black has been played by over one-million people around the world. First launched in 2011, it is one of the oldest massively-multiplayer online games for Android and iOS, and maintains a thriving community with tens-of-thousands of active users.



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